Cardiac Catheter Unit

- The catheterization unit at Nile Hospital is characterized by the availability of the latest catheterization devices to perform diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization operations for the heart and blood vessels using balloons, nets and stents with the latest scientific methods.

- Through the catheterization unit at Nile Hospital, many diagnostic interventions are performed, and the device works to help doctors obtain a clear perception of cases that require catheterization in a more effective and safe manner.

- The catheterization unit at Nile Hospital provides painless treatment procedures and helps treat many conditions, including; Cardiac catheterization, stent placement, blood vessels, coronary arteries, arterial expansion

Intracatheter procedures:

1- Cardiac catheterization

2- Treatment of heart arteries with balloons and nets

3- Installation of cardiac pacemakers of all kinds

4- Study of electrocardiography and treatment of interventions

Disease cases received by the catheterization department:

1- Chronic acute ischemic patients

2- Patients with heart disorders and diseases of all kinds

3- Patients with disorders and diseases of all vessels and arteries

4- Installing anticoagulant devices in the left atrium

5- Treating blood lipid disorders such as high cholesterol

6- Cases that need anticoagulants, such as heart rhythm disorders (atrial palpitations), artificial heart stents, and cases of thrombophlebitis (vein clots in the extremities).