- The emergency department at Nile Hospital is staffed around the clock by a staff of doctors, nurses and health service providers who have been trained to provide urgent medical service at the moment, as the emergency department is the first stop for receiving emergency cases and provides emergency services for all cases in a team spirit and in cooperation with all Hospital departments - The emergency team evaluates all cases resulting from accidents or trauma and cases that are not included in the clinic's services The emergency department at Nile Hospital is highly equipped to deal with all critical cases, both medically and surgically In addition, the hospital's ambulances are equipped to work as a mobile intensive care unit with the availability of modern devices for remote communication, for immediate intervention of the patient upon arrival at the emergency department, according to the severity of the case.

We also point out at a glance about the service protocol and the message of the emergency department at Nile Hospital as follows:

1- Reception and emergency service protocol:

Hospital reception and emergency services are of particular importance; Because it is directed to the rapid rescue of patients in critical cases and to provide first aid to the injured in various accidents as a first and necessary step to reduce the seriousness of these cases. The rapid rescue of patients has become an urgent need; This is due to the steady increase in diseases that may surprise a person at any time, such as coma cases of all kinds - bleeding - angina pectoris and heart attack - cases of food and non-food poisoning - car and road accidents - work injuries and burns.

2- Emergency Department Message:

Provide immediate and regular measures to resuscitate the patient and maintain his life 24 hours a day

- Allocate emergency department services to those who have been injured in an accident or in a medical emergency

Providing emergency services in a manner that satisfactorily meets patients' health needs and meets their expectations

For your information, the management of Nile Hospital was keen to develop and build the emergency department in its modern form to meet the provision of the best medical services as follows:

1- Emergency room: equipped with central oxygen, suction devices, and good lighting

2- Observation room

3- Emergency recovery room: equipped with cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices and monitoring devices

4- Trauma team (surgery - orthopedics - neurosurgery - heart and chest surgery)

5- Resuscitation team (cardiorespiratory): heart - intensive care - anesthesia