- The Pediatric Department at Nile Hospital provides a physical medical examination and detection of special children's symptoms under the hands of a group of doctors specializing in neonatology and prematurity.

- The ward has highly qualified nursing staff and doctors available 24 hours a day, and it is worth noting that we offer diagnostic possibilities, pediatric care and treatment that cannot be obtained at home or in the outpatient clinic.

The department is also equipped with modern equipment such as:

1- Ventilator monitors the heart, breathing and other vital signs

2- Respirators

3- Light therapy devices for yellowing patients

4- Nurseries equipped and complete to preserve the child as he is in his mother’s womb

Medical conditions of children received:

1- Congenital heart defects

2- Abnormalities of vital organs

3- Deformities of the lip and palate

4- The lungs do not develop in a way that enables the child to breathe without assistive devices

5- Treatment of microbial cases in the blood

6- Treatment of cases and lack of growth